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Healit Medical Tapes

What would you think if I said we have the best self-adhering bandage that provides maximum support and compression while being selected as the Official Tape of USA Triathlon? Well SelfGrip® does all those things with testimonials far and wide that supports our claim as the best and most popular self-adhering bandage you can buy. If you need maximum support and compression with flexibility, we recommend you try SelfGrip® before you enter any sporting or everyday event where protection is needed. SelfGrip® is used by professional athletes and teams around the world looking for an edge. SelfGrip® offers other essential’s that competitors can’t match, such as:


  • Provides firm compression and maximum support to ligaments, tendons and muscles
  • Unique cotton/latex woven process to assist you in performing your best
  • Sticks to itself without pins or clips
  • Will not stick to hair or skin
  • An outstanding and acclaimed secondary bandage over sterile gauze
  • Recommended and most importantly used by accomplished doctors and trainers who care for the world’s best athletes in multiple sports
  • Tears evenly, reusable and maintains grip underwater
  • Our 98% blend of cotton and 2% latex woven SelfGrip brand adheres our brand to itself and does away with the old style of under wrapping and white tape









SelfGrip® stands alone in protecting you before any sporting event along with anything you may do at home or on the job.  When you need maximum support for wrists, knees and ankles join the millions of satisfied customers who use SelfGrip®.

SelfGrip®and you for maximum relief and support anytime